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Why I Support the Legalization of Marijuana


I understand that marijuana has been relatively controversial over the years as there has been a great dispute over time as to whether or not it should be legalized. I am going to write here about the reasons why I feel it is important for marijuana to be properly legalized. It is not the harmful and risky drug that so many people claim it to be.

A Medicinal Option

A great part of marijuana is that it is a medicinal product that can be used to alleviate pains from all sorts of conditions. When I’m in pain, the first thing I think to myself is: where is the closest marijauna near me? It can help to reduce the risk of harm from medications and may work for a good period. I feel that marijuana is something that could help patients with many conditions as they won’t have to worry about using potentially dangerous drugs that might be even more harmful when all is considered.

No Real Health Risk

Over the years there have been studies finding that marijuana does not appear to have a significant health impact. That is, it is not necessarily going to hurt anyone’s body. There have not been any known cases of lung cancer or other related issues resulting from marijuana use in particular. This means that it should be

Reduced Addiction Concerns

Many people smoke marijuana as a recreational activity. They aren’t necessarily people who do it all the time. If anything, marijuana has not been found to be addictive like with traditional nicotine. There are no withdrawal symptoms involved with marijuana, thus making it something that the brain will have an easier time with tolerating. This is a positive point that improves upon how well it can be used for your general needs.

No Gateway Effect

An important consideration about marijuana is that it is a drug that does not necessarily have a gateway effect. That is, the drug will not lead people into using drugs that are not only illegal but also potentially dangerous and harmful to the body. This has been noticed over the years in the Netherlands, a country where marijuana is readily available. The use of extremely hazardous substances like heroin and opiates is extremely low in that particular country. This comes as people there are more likely to use marijuana and enjoy it.

If anything, marijuana is not the dangerous and threatening drug that so many might claim it to be. I feel that it is high time people take a look at what makes it special and to consider making it legal.

Public Support for Marijuana Legalization Surged in the Past 5 Years

Public Support for Marijuana Legalization Surged in the Past 5 Years

According to statistics released from the General Social Survey, there has been a sustained surge in the public support for marijuana legalization. A survey conducted by the pollsters showed that a whopping 57% of Americans responded in favor of marijuana legalization in 2016, up from a 52% that had the same opinion in 2014. The question that is no doubt going through the minds of many is, ‘how could a substance that has for a long time been treated with contempt and skepticism be gaining popularity so quickly?’

Marijuana And Medicine

One reason why the substance was treated with so much contempt was due to the belief that its use was subjective. Many could not look beyond the fact that for anything to become dangerous, there has to be the elements of abuse and misuse.

However, experts in the medical field have conducted so many research studies that show the substance could actually be more beneficial than it is harmful, with the most recent researches pointing out it could be used to kill some cancerous cells. It is as a result of this that many began seeing the substance in a positive light, hence adding to its overall higher approval ratings.  Here is more about medical marijuana and the conditions it can be used with.

Marijuana and Religion

As our societies advance, our religions become more inclusive and liberal. We are drifting away from the doctrines of judging other people [especially the moral deviants] and inching closer to the doctrines that preach inclusiveness.

Because of this open-door policy, some faiths and denominations such as the Roman Catholic have gone ahead and added their voice to the possibility of legalizing marijuana. This has, undoubtedly, contributed to so many people now supporting the use of the substance.

Marijuana and Politics

In the early 2000s, just about 29% of Democrats and 26% of Republicans voiced their support for marijuana. However, things have since changed as in 2016, the support had reached over 60 for Democrats and the Independents and over 40% for Republicans.

Whether there were serious lobbying to have the substance legalized and its use regulated within legislative frameworks or this was another sheer campaign strategy, what is true is that it bore fruit as more people began warming up to the idea of having it legalized.

One thing that we cannot shut our eyes to is the fact that the drug still commands a higher support among members of the younger generations.

This could not necessarily be a good indication of progress in the fight for abuse of the substance. We still need to ensure its use is governed by clear legal frameworks so we can totally overcome the problem of abuse and dependency.

Has Marijuana Legalization Reached a Standstill

Has Marijuana Legalization Reached a Standstill?

Under the 8 years of the Obama administration the legalization of marijuana has come a long way, many states have legalized medical use and now 8 states have legalized recreational use of cannabis.  But with the Trump administration will things changes?  Attorney General Jeff Sessions stand firmly against the legalization of marijuana and Sean Spicer has hinted that the federal government may interfere with states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana.  More than a few cannabis advocates are left shaking their head.  Instead let’s take a step back and try and look at the big picture.

Don’t Panic Just Yet

First you need to understand that much of the news is sensationalized to bring in readers.  That being said it was frightening to hear Spicer compare recreational marijuana use to opiate addiction.  The thought of the federal government coming into states where legalization has already taken place and starting to make arrests is enough to make any dispensary owner want to close their doors.  However it is just talk at this point, there have been no raids, court cases and no word from law enforcement or the Supreme Court.  Don’t let the media worry you just yet.

Contact Your State Government

The local and state governments have a far bigger impact on your day to day life than the federal government actually does.  If you’re concerned at all (and you should be) about where your state stands on legalization then contact your state representative.  Make your voice heard.  If cannabis is legal then make sure it stays that way, if it is not then push for legislation to change that.  If you want cannabis to be where you earn a living then you need to get out and support your industry.

Become a Member of the NCIA

The National Cannabis Industry Trade Association keeps its members up to date on what is happening with legislation around the country and in your own backyard.  If you want a heads up on any potential legal action that could affect your business then the NCIA is there to help.

Remember that the cannabis industry is still very much in its infancy in this country and there is still along way to go.  Even medical marijuana is only legal in less than half of the states and we still need strong advocates speaking on behalf of the people who need medical marijuana to function.  Recreational use is legal in even fewer states and again we need to keep pushing local and state officials if we want this to change.