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Why I Support the Legalization of Marijuana


I understand that marijuana has been relatively controversial over the years as there has been a great dispute over time as to whether or not it should be legalized. I am going to write here about the reasons why I feel it is important for marijuana to be properly legalized. It is not the harmful and risky drug that so many people claim it to be.

A Medicinal Option

A great part of marijuana is that it is a medicinal product that can be used to alleviate pains from all sorts of conditions. When I’m in pain, the first thing I think to myself is: where is the closest marijauna near me? It can help to reduce the risk of harm from medications and may work for a good period. I feel that marijuana is something that could help patients with many conditions as they won’t have to worry about using potentially dangerous drugs that might be even more harmful when all is considered.

No Real Health Risk

Over the years there have been studies finding that marijuana does not appear to have a significant health impact. That is, it is not necessarily going to hurt anyone’s body. There have not been any known cases of lung cancer or other related issues resulting from marijuana use in particular. This means that it should be

Reduced Addiction Concerns

Many people smoke marijuana as a recreational activity. They aren’t necessarily people who do it all the time. If anything, marijuana has not been found to be addictive like with traditional nicotine. There are no withdrawal symptoms involved with marijuana, thus making it something that the brain will have an easier time with tolerating. This is a positive point that improves upon how well it can be used for your general needs.

No Gateway Effect

An important consideration about marijuana is that it is a drug that does not necessarily have a gateway effect. That is, the drug will not lead people into using drugs that are not only illegal but also potentially dangerous and harmful to the body. This has been noticed over the years in the Netherlands, a country where marijuana is readily available. The use of extremely hazardous substances like heroin and opiates is extremely low in that particular country. This comes as people there are more likely to use marijuana and enjoy it.

If anything, marijuana is not the dangerous and threatening drug that so many might claim it to be. I feel that it is high time people take a look at what makes it special and to consider making it legal.